Company information

Company information

Mineral 7 is an innovative company with main focus manufacturing of basalt fiber, roving and other basalt products.  Established in 2003 our headquarter is based in Ukraine and for the last few years we have been partnering with growing number of customers, supplying basalt products for the construction industry worldwide. Mineral 7 has developed and implemented a complete manufacturing process, achieving top specifications of all basalt products.

For millions of years, the Earth has kept basalt rocks without any visible changes. Mineral 7 is one of the first producers of basalt fiber and roving and constantly improves the production process, optimizing the existing equipment, investing in new technology in cooperation with leading research institutes. The products produced by us are made of pure basalt, without the use of any supplements to ensure pure and reliable end product. Basalt products are natural and safe for the environment.

Our company advantages:

Short production time
Long terms cooperation
Customer oriented model for business
Competitive pricing
Wide range of products
Constantly improving process

Contact us at:

Address: Ukraine, Lviv
Phone: +38 (067) 673-14-18, +38 (067) 672-42-57