Basalt fiber

The use of our basalt fibers in wide range of industries offers very attractive properties of the end product and improved efficiency in terms of chemical and vibration resistance, resistance to supreme temperatures and water absorption. The combination of pure basalt rock resources and sophisticated technological process of basalt fiber production at Mineral 7 results in pure fibers with constant specifications of the end product.

We are in a process of expanding our world wide network of distributors from various locations in order to fully satisfy the need of local businesses in their search for reliable product and partner. By buying directly from us, as a manufacturer we guarante you low priced high quality basalt fibers in order to stay competitive in your business.

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Basalt fiber can be produced in variable length from 0,1 mm to 30 mm and diameter of 15 microns to 2000 microns. Mineral 7 has developed basalt fiber as an supplement to reinforce concrete, asphalt, plastics, mineral mixtures etc., in order to achieve improved specifications of end product in terms of durability, compressive strength, waterproof, cleavage strength, frost resistance, crack resistance, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, impact strength.

Fiberbas basalt fibers are non-carcionogenic and non-toxic, immune to nuclear radiation.

We have a partner company in the EU, company Rockfiber, direct fiber supplies are possible.  The production provides sustainable and environmentally friendly fiber. The production is innovative, environmentally friendly, waste-free, zero carbon emissions, the energy comes from renewable sources.  An important point is the usage of environmentally friendly fiber sizing, designed from natural products specifically to be used in concrete. Most of the fibers are produced without sizing, with technological activation of the fiber surface to create high adhesion to the cement matrix. One of the fiber types is a sound-thermal-insulation material for mufflers of internal combustion engines (cars, ships, railways, etc.) The supplied material is ready for installation in the structure of the muffler, it has high elasticity, resistance to vibration, and high temperatures, and it is easy to use. Rockfiber produces of thin mineral films (similar to basalt scales) based on local raw material, the thickness of the film is 0.5 to 500 microns, technically it is possible to manufacture up to 2 mm. The film thickness could be adjusted to the client’s special case.   Mechanical stretching of the film and new technological solutions make it possible to activate the surface of the films in one stage of the technological process. Most of the products are used as a filler for anti-corrosion fire protection paints for coatings, reinforcement, and protection of concrete and plastics.

Our product’s advantages:

  • Improved resistance to fracture
  • Improved shock resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Radio transparency
  • No corrosion
  • High adhesion to the cement matrix
  • Optimized distribution of basalt elements in 3D mixture
  • Equal specification parameters for identical products
  • Environment friendly
  • High frost and heat resistance
  • Resistance to chemicals and aggressive environment
  • Resistance to sea water