Technology of production of basalt fiber, roving

Before the start of continuous basalt fibers to plant a large fraction of basalt gravel fractions on crusher to the desired fraction of which is 5-12 mm. After the selection of metallic inclusions way to magnetic separation, basalt materials submitted in the form of fine gravel or grit with an average fraction of 5 to 12 mm and washed sow from small inclusions (dust etc.), after which it dry under normal conditions in the natural circulation of air through ventilation. With the help of crane-beams or telpher washed basalt grit periodically loaded into the hopper loader installed on a melting furnace.
Smelting furnace is a regenerative furnace continuous bathroom with direct gas heating melting zone. In the furnace melted basalt raw material and its melt after homogenization comes to feeders for forming it into a feeder integrated continuous basalt filaments. Melting is carried out at a temperature of chips (1500 ± 50) ° C as a result of the combustion gas mixture, which consists of natural gas and air. Air for combustion supplied by a fan of high pressure through a heat exchanger-recuperator, which is heated by heat of flue gases to a temperature of 450 ° C, while gas from the gas distribution substation. Melt from the feeder of the furnace by gravity enters the feeder, the bottom part of which is located 8 -10 drain devices through which the melt is supplied to the platinum-rodium bushing, where the formation of elementary BCF. Melt from the feeder through the Platinum bushing device (inkjet feeder) with electric heater comes in platinum bushing with electric heating, in which a die is formed from the elementary continuous strand of fiber in the form of yarns by stretching them and pulling on the winding device. Strand of elementary strings come to the roll pulling device, which causes special liquid, after covering her bed special liquid fibers are collected into one comprehensive thread. The complex filament wound on removable reel. As the winding bobbin with thread is removed from the reel pulls the apparatus and replaced with a new reel. On the winding reel tapes to the formation of a complex apparatus of filament (CF), which consists of 614 elementary BCF. Wound reels kept day under normal conditions, then come to the department seek to obtain Roving with the necessary number of additions. After ready Roving bays marked on the paper and turns, and then packed in wooden containers and comes in a finished product.

The main stages of the technological scheme of production

The technological process of production Roving consists of the following stages:
• Delivery and unloading of basalt gravel fraction 5 … .. 12 mm at the warehouse;
• entrance control of the raw materials;
• cooking special liquid;
• Loading of basalt gravel in the oven;
• melting of basalt melt;
• development of a continuous fiber in the form of the complex yarn;
• process control integrated basalt fibers;
• Extract complex yarn in a shop for 24 hours;
• cutting chips and dried
• rewind integrated yarn and a Roving with a given value of linear density;
• Roving drying at a temperature of 120 … .. 160 ° C for 12 hours;
• Quality control Roving according to the requirements of TU;
• packaging;
• transportation to the warehouse and store.        equipment.factory.production.continuous.basalt.fiber.technology2