New technology CBF

Company Mineral 7 has tested a new production line for the production of a new generation of continuous basalt fiber. The technological chain introduced a number of significant changes. Stage of preparation of raw material will be partly carried out at the sites used by quarries. The process chain is represented by a new type of loader work which can significantly reduce energy losses. The new design of furnace is radically different from the previous generation furnaces. Lining is made on the basis of the latest developments of the refractory materials that can significantly reduce the heat loss to the environment. Lining structure for heat transfer by means of radiation directed at the melt formed is allowed patent to reduce the amount of energy required per unit of product to 15%. That increases the competitiveness of the equipment. The system intensification of technological melt preparation process includes pseudo bubbling through the use of special burners. That has enabled to reduce the surface area of the melt and energy. In general, a new furnace, through innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption per unit of production by 50%. All equipment is automated complex based on the latest developments of the world’s leading companies. As a result of the work done with the components manufacturers, most products made in consideration of the requirements for the production of continuous basalt fiber. New technological solutions and increasing the level of automation of the process make it possible to is reduced the number of staff. Overall complex is designed in a complete set “turnkey” is unique in the world and allows you to process a wider range of rocks.

New technology production of continuous basalt fiber rovingNew technology production of continuous basalt fiber roving