Engineering continuous basalt fiber starts at research raw materials

Structure, petrology, mineralogy raw materials for production of basalt fiber

Research of the mineralogy and petrology of raw materials is based possible fiber production. These research are fundamental quality products from rocks.

Our services

Offers a wide range of specialised services to:

Rocks to assist in the design or review of processing methods raw materials
Supervising and undertaking sampling from mines
Diagnostic structure, mineralogy and petrology for deposit
Check molten rock plasticity
Determination of characteristics the melt rock
Production of fibers from the rock
Determination of characteristics of rock fibers
Recommendations on the organization of the selective extraction of raw materials for the production of fiber

Our research base.

The basis of highly qualified specialists in the field of rocks
We have accumulated a lot of experience research of rocks around the world.  These research are complex in nature and cover a wide range of geological environments.
We cooperate with the leading universities of Ukraine, Russia, Europe and America
We have our own laboratory research equipment.
We have our own production base for the production of fiber.

continuous basalt fiber

continuous basalt fiber

continuous basalt fiber